Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saanich (SD 63) Celebrates DEAR (and how!)

Thanks to TL extraordinaire, Jean Prevost, for an update on how SD63 (Saanich) celebrated DEAR 2012.

  • Vivian Hicks, TL at Bayside Middle School reports: We enjoy 30 minutes of silent reading time every day at Bayside, but on Wear Red for Reading Day, (our "spin" on Drop Everything and Read Day),  everyone was "visibly" reading during that time -- as the photos show, even the administration. 595 staff and students were reading for DEAR at Bayside this year. See photos below!

photos courtesy of Vivian Hicks

  • Sarah Windle, TL at Keating Elementary reports the whole school participated in a Family Read In.
  • TL at Sidney elementary, Shannon Curtis invited families and guest readers into their school for a half an hour of buddy reading.  Ms Curtis made an Animoto of the event photos to share with students. 
  • At Brentwood Elementary, they celebrated DEAR by inviting all adults and students in the school and at home to read at 12:15 for 20 minutes. Some classes invited parents into the classrooms to read in the morning.  The teacher-librarian, Donna Wende posted notices about the focus on reading on bulletin boards, on the School and Library websites, and sent it out in the Parent newsletter.
  • At Cordova Bay Elementary, Jean Prevost reports 280 students and staff participated in a Wear Red For Reading Day as everyone read together to celebrate DEAR.  This event was noted in the school newsletter.
  • At Parkland Secondary, students were outdoors reading and the principal and a helicopter were involved.  More to come!
Thanks to all TLs and their schools for AMAZING support of DEAR again this year! 

Saanich, you guys rock!

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