Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kamloops School District Breaks DEAR Participation Record!

Congratulations to everyone in School District 73 (Kamloops) for breaking their old DEAR participation record with over 8500 students from across the district involved in last week's event! For more details visit the SD73 website.

Excerpt: SD73 teacher-librarians coordinated a variety of  events leading up to the day including pajama day, decorate your door for  DEAR, group and buddy reading activities, communicating with authors and  reading challenges. A number of special guests also visited schools  including: school trustees, Kamloops Blazers, Cat in the Hat and local media  personnel. Students read a variety of choice material such as magazines,  nonfiction materials, picture books, stories on e-readers, comics, webpages,  articles on ipads and print newspapers.

Many thanks to district teacher-librarian, Andrea Wallin, and all SD73 teacher-librarians, administrators, and staff that supported the event this year!

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