Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ladysmith-Nanaimo (SD68) into DEAR Challenge 2011

And the events continue...
  • Chase River Elementary: Junior hockey squad, the Barsby Bulldogs are there to read with students.
  • Quarterway Elementary: Junior hockey squad the Nanaimo Clippers are there to read with students.
  • Ladysmith Intermediate: School-wide DEAR at 11:00 and "dress up as your favourite book character" day with prizes for individuals and classes with the most participants
  • Rock City Elementary: It's "Give a mouse a cookie PJ day; at 11:00 they will be DEARing with a cookie and a buddy reader.
  • Wellington Secondary: City council member reading newspaper article on why he voted on a controversial issue and the way he voted, followed by a discussion; two local elders will be coming in and storytelling, with the local junior football team (The Raiders) and school trustees in attendance
  • Barsby Secondary: Grade 10-12 students going to feeder schools to read

Let us know what your school is doing! Love to share ideas for next year, too.

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