Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shirley Bond

Minister Shirley Bond took part in the “Drop Everything and Read” challenge on Monday, October 27. The challenge was an initiative of the B.C. Teacher-Librarians’ Association, as part of the National School Library Day. At 11 a.m., people across B.C. were encouraged to drop everything they were doing and read for 20 minutes.

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Al Smith said...
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Al Smith said...

Thank you Minister Bond!

The recent DEAR reading challenge you particpated in goes a long way to send a message to the broader community. Your participation and support with a press bulletin not just validates the hard work of so many school librarians on the National School Library Day, it demonstrates to BC that leaders believe reading is important.

DEAR is a powerful and low cost initiative that sends a clear message promiting literacy for everyone. A literate BC is a better BC.

Thank you for dropping everything and reading!