Monday, October 27, 2008

Send us your numbers

Just add your school name, district and count to the comments at the end of this entry!


Unknown said...

Reynolds Secondary School, Victoria, SD 61. 1,000 students and 50 staff.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Head Middle School 400 students DEAR and 33 staff DEAR today, Monday Oct 27, 2008 from Teacher-Librarian Anne Warren

Geoff Orme said...

l'école secondaire Esquimalt High School, SD 61 Greater Victoria: 732 students and 45 support staff, teachers and administrators participated.

Anonymous said...

Macaualy Elementary , Victoria SD 61, 472 Students

Torquay Elementary, Victoria SD 61, 317 Students

Anonymous said...

Healthy Schools, Scholarships and the District Resource Centre participated. 4 Total

Anonymous said...

Strawberry Vale Elementary enjoyed a wonderful DEAR today. 292 K-5 Students and 35 staff participated today. Louise Sheffer: School Librarian

Anonymous said...

All 130 Kaleden Elementary (Okanagan Skaha district) teachers and students read at 11:00 today!

MC DeFEHR, teacher-librarian and Grade 5 teacher

Anonymous said...

At Sea View Elementary Junior Secondary in Port Alice (SD#85, Vancouver Island North), 69 students, 5 staff and one retired teacher-librarian dropped everything and read. Everyone enjoyed the chance to appreciate the materials we get from school libraries. Dorothy Cousins (Retired Teacher-Librarian)

Anonymous said...

Barb Taylor, VP of Braefoot Elementary in Victoria.

We had the whole school involved -- 222 kids, 33 staff and our Superintendent, Mr. John Gaiptman reading to one of our K classes. Thanks to Mr. Gaiptman, we now have a new book with a cute story and fabulous illustrations … Bats at the Library.

Our grade 1 teacher came and said that it was just magical having the Grade 5's read to her 1's and could we do it again … perhaps once a month. The answer, of course, is YES!!

Cathy Lambright said...

Thornhill Elementary in Terrace had close to 300 students and staff reading today. We are participating in Reading Week all week long. We will be reading at least twice a day!

Unknown said...

Canyon Heights Elementary, School District 44 (North Vancouver) had 400 students and 20 staff partipating in DEAR today.

Our district T/L's attended an afternoon with Stephen Point, our Lieutenant Governor, speaking about literacy and the importance of libraries. He spoke about the importance of reading in the lives of young people, and how one book had changed the course of his life.

Anonymous said...

Tyee Elementary in Vancouver had 185 students and 14 staff reading for 20 minutes (the K's read earlier, as they had to go home at 11:15).

Anonymous said...

View Royal had 234 students with 20 staff participating in a hallway read with Buddy classes...

Anonymous said...

Duncan Sutherland said that 300 students and 25 staff read at Shoreline Community School.

Anonymous said...

420 students and 35 staff members participated in a spirited DEAR campaign at Glanford Middle School. I'm pleased to say there are over 1000 items currently circulating through our library!

Unknown said...

L.V. Rogers Secondary in Nelson (SD#8) had 764 students and 45 staff participating in DEAR yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Scott Creek Middle School, SD43 680 students, 40 teachers, admin, office staff. It was great to see students DEAR in the gym.
Tu Loan Trieu

Unknown said...

Summit Middle School, Coquitlam, SD 43. 720 students 40 teachers and office staff.

Cecile McVittie said...

Sa-Hali Secondary School, Kamloops Thompson SD73, 754 students, 62 staff, 9 guests for 825 readers. Our guests included Mayor Terry Lake, MLA Claude Richmond (and exec assistant), School trustee Meghan Wade, City Councillor Jim Harker and 4 members of the Kamloops Blazers WHL Hockey team. Local TV station CFJC was present, filmed and put us on the evening news.

Anonymous said...

Sidney Elementary School had 335 students and 22 staff all reading! It was fun for me and for everyone involved!

Karen Ferguson said...

Moody Middle School in District 43 has approx. 780 students. All staff and students participated. Some classes had reading parties which lasted 80 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Pitt River Middle in Port Coquitlam had 370 students and staff drop everything and read. Students enjoyed the time to read whatever they wanted. The library also had a reading lunch. Hot chocolate and cupcakes were served. Everyone enjoyed the event.

Anonymous said...

At Lake Hill School, SD61 Victoria, students 155 and staff participated today.

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale Traditional School District 61, Victoria.

200 kids

Anonymous said...

Ann Rainboth
Ecole Pauline Haarer School
Nanaimo, BC

15 staff and 264 students.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Yuen
Maillard Middle School

All the students and staff participated in DEAR Monday.
360 Students
14 teachers
2 secretaries

Anonymous said...

Two more schools from Terrace (SD 82) with DEAR numbers:
Skeena Junior Secondary - 565
Kiti K'Shan Primary - 250

Anonymous said...

SD#61 Campus View Elementary, 430+ students, staff and parents!

liberrylady said...

Argyle Secondary School
North Vancouver, BC District #44
The students (>1600)and staff (~120)were all encourage to drop everything and read!

Anonymous said...

GVSD#61 Doncaster Elementary (K-5) 320+ students, staff and parents! Dropped E.A. Read!

Julie said...

Brentwood Elementary (SD63) proudly participated with 370 students and many staff members.

Anonymous said...

Frank Hobbs Elementary in Dist. 61
had 290 students and 35 staff participate in DEAR. Great fun!

Anonymous said...

Merritt Secondary School had 627 students and 41 teachers, and 7 SEA's reading...all without the Principal's permission to run DEAR. Actually, I got permission after I had the support of all staff at a staff meeting vote, oops! could he say no.

Anonymous said...

Lorraine Lindsay, North Saanich Middle School (Sidney, BC) - 337 students.

su harrison said...

Sir James Douglas School
Victoria sd #61
436 students and about 30 staff dropped everything to read at 11:00 yesterday. Bliss!

Anonymous said...

Redfish Elementary School SD 8
120 students 8 staff
from Teacher-Librarian
Janene Cornwallis-Bate

Anonymous said...

Royal Oak Middle School 600 students and 63 staff members (both BCTF and CUPE). Non-teaching staff joined students in the classrooms. We created a bulletin board showing all classes reading.- Brian Russell, teacher-librarian.

Anonymous said...

Hillcrest Elementary had 306 students and 20 staff entusiastically participated in DEAR.

Anonymous said...

Cordova Bay Elementary, Saanich School District (63), 262 students, 25 staff, 30 parents and 16 members of our community's 55+ group participated in DEAR today.

mcoutts said...

All students and staff(approx. 260 people)at Riverview Park Elementary in Coquitlam participated in Dear on Oct. 27 from 10:50-11:20 a.m.

Dale said...

English Bluff Elementary, Delta, SD 37 Approximately 250 students and 20 staff participated! Great success

Anonymous said...

École Lansdowne Middle School in Victoria, SD61: 520 students and 35 staff participated in DEAR today. The halls were so quiet, and a quick glance in classrooms revealed bowed heads over books engrossed in their reading. It was awe-inspiring!
From Teacher-Librarian Leslie Waters

Anonymous said...

Ecole Quarterway School in Nanaimo School District dropped everything and read for 20 minutes at 11:00 on Monday. Approximately 390 students and 35 staff.
June Bouchard
Teacher Librarian

Anonymous said...


We dropped everything and read from 11-11:20 Monday, then discussed reading and books for 5 minutes. Then we welcomed His Honour, Steven Point, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia to our school to celebrate First Nations Literacy with 1100 + of us at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver. We invited community members and our elementary feeder schools to celebrate as well. It was a fabulous day! His Honour's message: Reading can change your life.

Jennifer Tieche
Teacher Librarian
Carson Graham Secondary School

Anonymous said...

South Island Distance Education School Kim Lemieux TL
35 Staff and students DEAR on Monday Oct. 27th.

Angela said...

Shannon Lake Elementary SD #23
427 Students
15 Staff

Anonymous said...

Our whole school (286) plus staff (20)were on board! - Joanna at JV Humphries School in Kaslo - SD #8

Anonymous said...

Colquitz Middle School, Victoria
550 students and staff all enjoyed their reading time!

ms. ippen said...

Stelly's Secondary school, SD63 1143 students and 78 staff members dropped everything to READ.

Anonymous said...

In Richmond, 19 schools participated in DEAR for National School Library Day, including 3 high schools. Our DRC/LAC also read for 20 minutes. These means almost 6,000 students did DEAR! and all the adults too!

Al Smith said...

The schools in Kelowna( SD230 particiapted on monday's DEAR challenge. Too many for me to even calculate. I know I missed many...
Approximately 13500 students.
21 of 40 schools.

Here is a sample:

- Kelowna Secondary: 1900
- Rose Valley Elem: 550
- Shannon Lake Elem: 442
- Mount Boucherie: 1500
- Okanagan Mission: 1000
- AS Matheson Elem: 175
- Peter Greer Elem: 375
- Glenmore Elem: 500
- South Kelowna Elem: 50
- Springvalley Middle: 750
- KLO Middle: 820
- plus 15 other schools, no numbers available at posting....

Many more said they would love to join in 2009.

Unknown said...

Check out to see what happened in Vancouver on DEAR day.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Spencer elementary in New Westminster has 300-400 students.
We had a great time doing DEAR, however, we had to change the time as we had the "Pumpkin Run" in the morning. So, we read together as a school from 1:05-1:20. It was Great! But, even more exciting was our Literacy Week last week! We had several guest readers from the community, buddy reading, poetry reading, a fabulous assembly, pyjama day and our French and English book fairs. It was a huge success! Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Connaught Heights, 100 students, was there on Monday @ 11 am, with a rally after the 20 minutes of reading. Unfortunately I was not here to witness it but the staff were very pleased with the event!

Anonymous said...

Richard McBride elementary school in New Westminster, with a population of approx. 319 students participated in DEAR at 9:00 a.m. on Oct. 27th. All reports are that it was a very peaceful, enjoyable time.

Anonymous said...

13 classes, 339 students - AOs participated - some non-enrolling teachers participated also.

Anonymous said...

Langley SD #35.

23 Schools reported that they had taken part in the DEAR challenge. Many schools had the entire student and staff population reading.

Our recorded total was 8543 students and 594 adults, but I am certain many more took part.

Schools included:
Alex Hope Elementary
Alice Brown Elementary
Betty Gilbert Elementary
Blacklock Elementary
Brookswood Secondary
Dorothy Peacock Elementary
DW Poppy Secondary
Gordon Greenwood Elementary
HD Stafford Middle
James Kennedy Elementary
Langley Fundamental Elementary
Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary
RE Mountain Secondary
Nicomekl Elementary
North Otter Elementary
Peterson Road Elementary
Shortreed Elementary
Simonds Elementary
Uplands Elementary
West Langley Elementary
Walnut Grove Secondary
Wix Brown Elementary

Anonymous said...

Beairsto Elementary School in Vernon SD #22 had 540 students plus 35 adults who work in the building all participating. There were many positive comments on how when everyone decided to read at the same time how peaceful it seemed in the school.
A great success!
Debra Green

Unknown said...

Rossland Secondary School (SD 20) had over 360 students and close to 25 staff participate.

Moira Ekdahl said...

Update from Vancouver:

I was fortunate to be able to attend Ms Teiche's school library event with Hon. Stephen Point. This event was a Coalition-sponsored afternoon celebration of Literacy and School Libraries at Carson Graham in North Vancouver. The Honourable Steven Point spoke to students about the importance of reading. Asked by one what reading had made a difference in his life, His Honour quipped, "Mad Magazine"! In a more serious tone, he talked about the gift of a book that influenced his decision to pursue a career in Law; he was given The Story of My Life by Clarence Darrow.

Thanks to CG TL Jennifer Teiche and FN Educator Brad Baker for their organizing of this event. The Catering Class had prepared a wonderful spread. Exhibits included carving in progress and displays of an upcoming play written in-house and aboriginal "reads" from picture books to novels and non-fiction. What a treat to be invited.

Here's a "snapshot" of what you could have observed in some of our Vancouver schools:

Van Horne experienced a rare silence throughout the school

Henderson featured some readers dressed as favourite storybook characters

Trudeau readers with painted faces listening attentively as firefighters read to them

Tillicum's “the reading train” ran down the entire central hallway, complete with whistle stops and loads of book-talking

Mt Pleasant kicked off One Book, One Class for November and Steve Mulligan did two readings

Weir's guest readers included Maryann Kempthorne, Angela Brown, Gary Little, Denise North, Steve Mulligan, and VPL children's librarian, Noreen Ma

Carr students camped out and read in tents; Steve Mulligan appeared here too for a reading!

Moberly invited Wally Oppal; see the picture with Wally Oppal (see blog, October 27) in the blog archives for October 27

Gladstone has silent reading every morning; they read again in the afternoon and teachers were seen nibbling the same chocolate bars as were featured here in Learning Services and elsewhere (but then a student at Gladstone had designed them, so that made it okay to eat chocolate!)

Tupper students got their heads into the brand new school library books

Templeton stopped everything from 10:30 - 10:50 am, as agreed by Staff Committee, and it worked so well that a number of teachers will be incorporating a stop and read on a more regular basis

Kudos to Diversity Consultant Steve who is a strong supporter of our school libraries and who read six times in five schools ... drive-by reading, we called it!

Moira, Vancouver TL Consultant

Ms. Fraser said...

mission Hill Elementary School Vernon BC 350 students and 40 staff

Anonymous said...

Sandra Lamont said......
Kinnaird Elementary School in Castlegar, SD20 had 322 students, 27 staff members, Jean Borsa, our District Superintendent, and Bev Maloff, a school board member read.

Anonymous said...

Parkland Secondary, Saanich School District #63, participated. 750 students, 70 support staff, teachers and administrators.

Saanich School Board district and support staff also particpated.

Anonymous said...

Weir Elementary, Vancouver SD 39. 450 students, 25 staff, 8 invited 'guest stars'

Wendy Burleson said...

Lambrick Park Secondary, Victoria, SD61 Victoria

Approximately 2/3 of classes participated with their teachers
(515 students/30 teachers) along with 15 support staff inclusive of office staff and SSAs.

It was encouraging to have several non-Humanities teachers -- Foods, Art and Math for example -- say such positive and supportive things about school-wide silent reading.

Hope to get more staff on board next year!

A. Clark said...

Spectrum Community School -- no firm number, but many of our classes (including a shop class) dropped everything and read.

This event also generated interest in adopting an ongoing DEAR program.

The advocacy efforts of BCTLA are making a difference here! Thank you!

The Pirate Librarian said...

Monterey Middle School in Victoria had 450 students, 35 staff and administration all reading together!

Cathy Lambright said...

Thornhill Elementary in Terrace had 194 students and 15 staff members read for a total of 585 minutes today. We had a DEAR day and it was a great success
Cathy Lambright

Al Smith said...

Approx. 900 students and 40 teaching and support staff joined the administrators to drop everything and read.

Hundreds of students at Kelowna Secondary School dropped their typical academic rigors to celebrate the value of a strong school library by simply reading. In the typically hectic school day, students are always reading. They read from textbooks, teacher handouts, powerpoint presentations, internet web pages, email messages and teacher blogs. We all take the task for granted and forget the core value of the skills these reading episodes provide our youth. Studies over and over again prove that reading is the primary skill youth need to succeed in life- especially our modern information age.

Anonymous said...

Crescent Park Elementary School Dawson Creek, SD#59 247 students and 21 staff. From Karen Frederickson

Katherine Miller said...

McGirr Elementary in Nanaimo, B.C.- 385 students, 22 staff, several parents, two trustees and two SD #68 senior administration all read together. Two students were featured on the front page of the local paper the previous Friday, in a promotional writeup.
Thanks Karen and other supporters, from Katherine Miller, teacher-librarian.

Val Martineau said...

Fairview Elementary in Nanaimo enjoyed taking part in DEAR. 255 students, 27 staff, parents and volunteers.

A big thanks to Karen Lindsay and the BCTLA executive who worked so hard on making DEAR a reality and such a huge success.

Val Martineau
Fairivew Elementary
SD #68

Anonymous said...

Ecole Quarterway School, Nanaimo, SD#68.
350 students and 45 staff members dropped everything and read on Monday, October 26th from 11:00 to 11:20!
June Bouchard
Teacher Librarian

Unknown said...

Reynolds Secondary School, with 1,100 students and 55 staff read. I was at South Park Family School watching Carole James read to a grade 3 class in their beautiful library.

Janice Brantner said...

Bayview Elementaary School in Nanaimo participated with 160 students and 17 staff members.

Janice Brantner said...

Chase River Elementary in Nanaimo participated with 150 students and 12 staff members.